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Hotel Suites del Bosque

Hotel Suites del Bosque is located in the San Isidro district of Lima, recognized as "Gastronomic Capital of Latin America" at the IV Madrid Fusion International Food Summit held in 2006. In addition to exquisite dishes typical of Peru, the city offers a huge range of places to visit and discover the secrets of the city. Are you going to miss it?

San Isidro

The neighborhood of San Isidro is considered the financial center of Lima, so it offers a great activity, especially on Av. Libertadores, where most shops and restaurants in the district are concentrated.

The most remarkable point of San Isidro is undoubtedly El Olivar Park: a forest from the colonial era that became the place around which the houses began to be built, so today we can find a house built just a couple of years next to others with ancient architecture.

In addition, you can visit various huacas (religious places of the Incas) as reminiscent of the pre-Columbian culture of the country. Some examples are Huaca Huallamarca, Huaca Santa Cruz or Huaca Pucllana.


Leaving the neighborhood, you can visit numerous emblematic places of the city like the Plaza de Armas, epicenter of Lima where we find the most important buildings. It is one of the most touristic places in Lima, perhaps because government buildings surround the square.

Very close to the Plaza de Armas is Lima Cathedral, the most important church in the country. Its architecture is Renaissance style with neoclassical towers on the outside; while inside we find influence of different styles as late Gothic, Renaissance, Plateresque and Baroque.

If you are looking for a bit of bustle, the Barranco district stands out for its restaurants, nightclubs and bars.


As the gastronomic capital of Latin America, Lima offers delicious typical dishes like cebiche, the star dish of Peru. It is a simple combination of fish, lemon juice, onion and pepper. The Huacaine potato is an exquisite sauce of cheese, milk and chili that bathes potatoes offering a delicious flavor.

One of the most representative stews is ají de gallina (chili of hen) that is based on hen meat, milk, bread, potatoes and rice. Another representative dish is the anticuchos, which are sold in the streets of Lima, made of beef.

For dessert, the most characteristic of the country is the mazamorra morada, prepared with purple corn and starch, typical of the month of October. We also recommend trying the suspiro limeño, made from egg, milk and vanilla.